Solid or Engineered Oak Flooring – Which to Choose?


Working at the flooring industry we often have clients calling us as they are considering a solid oak floor. Most of the time we end up indicating they’re going down the engineered route and then being asked the very same item, ‘why choose a engineered wood floor over a solid oak floor and does this really feel and look as beautiful?’ We are writing this article to briefly outline the key advantages of our engineered wood flooring and nowadays therefore many people are opting for the engineered flooring over the standard solid bamboo flooring. Throughout this article I will write with reference to a excellent engineered oak flooring with many layers of yarn wood under heart and a thick, long lasting wear coating. I cannot speak on behalf of all engineered wood floors since they differ massively in quality and price. In all cases you want to check thoroughly the specifications of this product on offer.

Therefore let us start this article with talking about the # one reason our engineered oak floors have the top hand over solid oak floors, this being it has stability. An excellent engineered board is going to be composed of around 10 layers of multi laminated birch ply timber. These layers are put in opposite directions with a moisture resistant glue and also this gives the Flooring an immense amount of firmness. We’ve already been asked before by clients that have researched industry just how strong the adhesive is as they have heard about stories of engineered wood floors de-laminating. However in the event that you go for a quality engineered timber floor you can even gone as far as to boil a sheet of our floor for 30 minutes as well as the board is still not going to be de-laminate. The 15mm ply timber under center is what provides flooring the strength and equilibrium is has. Oak is an all natural product so when used for flooring that the board widths can vary in size. This can cause gaps between the floor to buckle and also this movement is mostly caused by the changing of humidity in the environment. Because of the equilibrium of a caliber engineered oak floor it is much less prone to the particular movement. This stability can be becoming of greater significance now due to the fact that the increasing amount of properties are needing under floor heating systems installed, which of course causes a common change in humidity. Having said this I’d like to emphasise that I am writing in regards to a quality, high heeled engineered walnut floors, and I cannot talk for all engineered wood floors.

Let us move onto another reason why engineered hardwood floors is now recognized as an exceptional product to some solid pine floor. The most important reason why people will opt to get an oak floor is that they love the classic natural beauty that European walnut has to offer. What lots of men and women are unaware of is the simple fact the upper layer of an excellent engineered walnut flooring is the identical grade European walnut as you’d find in solid walnut flooring. Which usually means that if it’s been laid it feels and looks exactly the same and an increasing number of customers say that they prefer the appearance of the longer and wider boards which most engineered timber floors offer. Thus, a premier quality oak engineered flooring can look the exact same but will it actually last as long? . How long a floor may last is mostly right down to something called its ‘wear coating’. The portion of the floor that is classed as the wear coating is from the surface of the plank down to the tongue and on a solid walnut board this would be approximately 5-6mm. Now, the wear coating on engineered timber flooring is your top layer of oak. So in the event you get an engineered oak flooring which has a 5-6mm solid oak top layer it will lead to the flooring lasting only so long. To conclude if you would like a engineered flooring that is going to continue as long as a traditional solid bamboo flooring then make sure it has a wonderful thick top layer of wood, ideally 5mm+.

Placing the ground is also another area that’s well worth thinking about if you compare the two kinds of bamboo floor. The vast majority of engineered timber floors are longer and wider than many solid pine boards as that really is the design which the majority of people are wanting nowadays. The floor being wider and longer means that the floors is more easy to fit. Still another aspect that would make this floor easier and more straightforward to fit is how nicely trapping the boards really are. From our experience within the flooring industry we have had only good feedback about how easy our engineered flooring was supposed to lay, and it is down to the way well machined the boards are. Considering that engineered flooring is quicker and easier to fit, some additional money that’s spent purchasing an engineered bamboo flooring is often compensated in the period that’s stored fitting it! This is some thing to bear in your mind when comparing prices.

The last advantage of engineered wood flooring over solid pine flooring I am gong to mention is how an engineered walnut floor is significantly more green. The plywood that is used is made up of fastgrowing softwoods that are ample which really is what the underside of the engineered wood flooring is made out of. This means that much less of our appreciated oak, that has had hundreds of years to grow, is used causing a far more environmentally friendly floor.

We hope that this report was of some use for you personally and may have replied a couple of or your questions. We’re always available to offer assistance and advice and inquire when there is anything you’re unsure of about engineered walnut flooring please feel free to get in touch with us.

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